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General Information:

How the self-guided trading courses are organized.
Choosing which course to take.
What you can expect to receive
How the courses were originally developed.

Why we're the top-ranked trading course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many Course modules do I need to complete?
Is this course useful for daytraders?

Is this course useful for stock trading?
Why do the early courses use so many futures examples?

Our Trader Training Products

Two Types of Trader-Training Products
Self-Guided Trading Courses
Tribal Trading Classes: Learn-By-Example

How the Self-Guided Courses are Organized:

The entire body of the Trend Dynamics course material is organized into course modules, which are individual courses that build on concepts developed in other courses. These course modules are clustered together into six main categories.

The courses were explicitly written to develop your trading skills in one or more of three crucial areas: market understanding; trading strategies & tactics; trading psychology.

These components are based on the Steidlmayer formula for determining ultimate trading results.

Choosing which Courses to take:

  • Follow the Natural Progression

    Each course module is designed to build a specific layer of trading knowledge that accumulates and works in combination with other course modules, therefore there is a natural progression through the material. More info

  • Detailed Course Descriptions

    When you go to our detailed listing of each course, you'll find every course module described in detail.

  • View Excerpts from Each Course

    When you go to the main course catalog to the right of each course title is a "view sample" link that will load an Acrobat PDF file of a sample page from that particular course module. You can also access the same sample in the pages that describe each course in detail. You can read a collection of excerpts from the courses here.

  • Consult the Results Ratings Guidelines:

A Results Ratings section is located in each course description page. More info


What can I expect to receive?

The Course modules were compiled by selecting sections of the original Trend Dynamics Course, written and published between February of 1994 and November, 2002.

The individual course modules listed in our main course catalog were developed by re-organizing the original material by topic and by skill level.

You will receive copies of those compiled sections reproduced on high-quality Classic Crest 24-lb. paper which is three-hole drilled.

  • If you enrolled to receive regular monthly course installments your first course will arrive inserted into a stock black binder with binder tabs for filing subsequent course modules.
  • If you are not enrollled to receive regular monthly installments, your course material will be shipped without a binder.

We normally ship U.S. Priority mail at $5 for the first installment; add $10 for overseas air mail.

How the Courses were originally developed:

  • Orignal Serial Form:The Course lessons originally appeared in a serial format from February 1994 and ended with the Nov/Dec 2002 issue. Originally it appeared in a monthly installment, then later as bi-monthly.

    The original Trend Dynamics Course, included green custom imprinted binders and tab dividers, and is still available but in a limited and numbered edition.

  • Collaboration and Feedback with Professional Traders: The Trend Dynamics alumni include many professional traders and the Course was enhanced in great measure the Course by incorporating the feedback and evaluations of many professional traders along the way.

  • FIeld-tested since 1978:Weve been teaching the principles in this Course since 1986; and the strategies and tactics have been used actively and successfully for trading stocks, currencies and futures since the late 1970s.

  • Market Principle-Based Trading Methods:
    All Trend Dynamics courses are based on one or more of twelve market trading principles we call the Laws of Trend Dynamics. These trading principles were extracted from observation of the types of strategies and tactics that have been robust and stable based on data extending back to 1860, though all types of market conditions, bull and bear markets.

Review of our Trader Training Products:

  1. Self-guided trader training courses useful for trading any market and any timeframe, delivered to you by mail which you then read and study on your own.

  2. An e-learning product, we call Tribal Trading Classes, where you learn by watching and taking trades as they develop, by watching others taking trades in a community setting of like-minded traders; and you learn by reviewieng cases studies of these trades which we archive.

The fast track to mastering the material is when you are concurrently enrolled in both: one or more Self-guided trader training courses and a Tribal Trading class, but that's not a requirement.

Self-Guided Trader Training Courses:

The Trend Dynamics course material is organized into clusters consisting of individual course modules developed explicitly to develop your trading skills in one of three crucial areas: 1. market understanding 2. trading strategy & tactics 3. trading psychology.

These components are based on the Steidlmayer formula for determining trading results. Our complete catalog of self-guided courses are listed here.

Tribal Trading Classes: Learn-by-Example

The Tribal Trading e-learning experience was created so that you can take what you're learning or have already learned from self-guided study and then apply it in live market conditions. You can enroll in Tribal Trading classes concurrent with enrollment in self-guided course modules.

How many Course modules do I need to complete?

You incur no obligation with Trend Dynamics to continue to take any set number of courses. You can cancel your enrollmment at any time, but we do not refund the cost of your course once you've received the Course material.

We have no idea where you are right now, in terms of your particular development in three crucial areas of trading: market knowledge, trading strategy and trading psychology; therefore we can make no specific recommendations as to which course modules you need to take.

As a guideline for attaining a trader education, we consider a Course graduate to be anyone who has completed the following list of course modules; or completed the original Trend Dynamics Course in serial form.

I'm interested in daytrading, not swing trading, does any course module specifically cover day trading?

The courses teach you how to read price action independent of timeframe, which means it applies to all timeframes. One of our most successful trading course graduates now uses Trend Dynamics principles to day trade the S&P 500 futures contracts (click to read his story)

I'm interested in trading stocks, does any course module specifically cover stock trading?

The courses teach you how to read price action independent of the trading vehicle you want to trade. Many of our course graduates trade stock. Here is one stock trader's experience with Trend Dynamics (click to read his story)

Why do the early course lessons emphasize futures markets in chart examples?

The principles in the Course were developed from a vast database that includes stock data as well as cash commodity prices and futures markets going as far back as the Civil War. The Course teaches how to read price action, regardless of the market you trade.

When the earliest course lessons were developed many traders were interested in financial futures markets (stock indices, rate futures and foreign currency futures). We teach strategies and tactics that work in all markets and all timeframes.