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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I'm interested in daytrading, not swing trading, does the Course cover day trading?
A: The Course teaches how to read price action independent of timeframe, which means it applies to all timeframes. One of our most successful trading course graduates now uses Trend Dynamics principles to day trade the S&P 500 futures contracts (click to read his story)

Q: I'm interested in trading stocks, does the Course address stock trading?
A: The Course teaches how to read price action independent of the trading vehicle you want to trade. Many of our course graduates trade stock. Here is one stock trader's experience with Trend Dynamics (click to read his story)

Q: I'm only interested in trading stocks, but many of the early lessons use futures markets in chart examples. Is the Course equally effective for trading stocks?
A: The principles in the Course were developed from a vast database that includes stock data as well as cash commodity prices and futures markets going as far back to the pre-Civil War markets of 1816. The Course teaches how to read price action, regardless of the market you trade.

The only difference between stock and futures trading is the amount of leverage involved; price analysed using Trend Dynamics is no different for futures or stocks. One of our most successful trading course graduates now uses Trend Dynamics principles to trade stocks as well as stock index futures (click to read his story)

Q: How much does Trend Dynamics Trading Course cost? How often do I receive lessons?
A: You get the first two trader training lessons for $59, thereafter each lesson is $59 per lesson, at one lesson per month; but when you receive the first two lessons you'll also receive an acceleration form offering you several options to accelerate through the trading course should you wish, at a discounted rate as well. We periodically run special offers or discounts. To check availibility, email us at

Q: Am I obligated to take the entire trading course? Or a minimum number of lessons?
A: No, you may choose to stop taking the course at any time with no further obligation.

Q: How many lessons are in the entire trading course?
A: There are 23 lessons in the Trend Dynamics Foundation Course; 24 lessons in Trend Dynamics Applied and 18 lessons in the advanced Trend Dynamics Labs -- 65 lessons in total

Q: Why are the lessons dated as far back as February 1994? Aren't the lessons dated by now?

A: Absolutely not. The Course is based on robust market principles that are neither time, timeframe or market dependent. It was written over a 7-year span beginning with the February 1994 lesson. Along the way various topics and issues were addressed based on feedback from a group of full-time traders which makes the Course an effective mentor-based teaching vehicle.

Q: I want to join the Trend Dynamics forums, how do I do that?
A: First, you must have already read and studied Lessons 1-47, otherwise the forum threads will be diffiuclt to follow. Then, send an e-mail request to: and in the body of that e-mail request "subscribe tdforums" and state your full-name. Our subscription manager will confirm which lessons you've taken and you'll be added to the forum mail list if you qualify.

Q: I'm no longer taking the Course, but I want to join the Trend Dynamics forums, how do I do that?
A: Forum subscribers must be current subscirbers to the Course, or have completed all 65 lessons.

Q: Can I pick and choose among specific lessons that I'm interested in?
A: No, we don't break the Course into pieces, we only offer it in sequential order; each lesson is designed to introduce at least one new useful concept, but the lessons build on one another; as the Course proceeds along, there are many references to important concepts in earlier lessons.

Q: Does the Course ever go on sale?
A: We run SPECIAL OFFERS on occasion, for info on any current offers email us at

Q: Why was I notified that I was put on a waiting list after I sent in my enrollment? Didn't my enrollment form guarantee I'd be able to take the Course right now?
A: Trend Dynamics is subject to a limited-release policy, essentially that means that the number of students who can take the Course at any one time is limited. In the past, when that limit was reached, we temporarily suspended enrollment until new openings occured -- this policy is sitll in force.

Q: When should I expect to receive my monthly installments?
A: Trend Dynamics installments are mailed on or about the 10th of each month, expect to receive them by the 15th.

Q: I received my first two lessons, but I have received no lessons since those initial two lessons?
A: In the package with your first two lessons, you received a non-disclosure agreement for you to sign. You will not be sent any lessons beyond those first two lessons until our subscription department has received the non-disclosure agreement with your signature on it. If you have sent back your signed non-disclosure document, then perhaps you have a credit card problem, please contact:

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: We do not provide refunds for Course lessons. We've gone to great lengths to provide you with as much information as possible about the Course online so you can make an informed buying decision beforehand. Moreover, you can suspend your enrollment at any time, with no financial obligations to us.

Q: How do I get help or guidance as I'm taking the Course?
A: The course is subject to a limited-release policy which also means if we were to train and hire a technical support staff who you could interact with each student on on a one-to-one basis, the Course would have to be priced much higher. On the other hand, we've gone to great efforts in writing the Course to carefully illustrate every point by numerous examples. The course is detailed and profusely illustrated -- nealry 1000 pages, 500 charts and some 250 illustrations, figures & tables.

With your first two lessons, you receive Your Guide To Mastering Trend Dynamics, along with a separate tutorial to help clarify how to get over the most common stumbling block, defining what are called "line changes" in Trend Dynamics vernacular.

Lastly, after you've completed the 47th lesson, you're invited to join the online forums where a spirited group of advanced traders stalking live markets using Trend Dynamics methods. The forum threads are very difficult to follow if you do not have a grasp of Lessons 1-47.

Q: Why am I required to sign a non-disclosure and non-refund agreement after I get the first two lessons?
A: Many traders use the material in the Course in their trading business and the non-disclosure agreement helps to minimize wide distribution of the Course. The non-refund agreement discourages unscrupulous people from buying parts of the Course with the intention of copying it and returning it.

Q: Is the Course availabe in digitzed format like the sample lessons posted online?
A: No, for the same reason as above.

Q: I can't make up my mind -- this Course is either expensive or an incredible bargain?
A: If you are looking for a mechanical system that requires no effort and prints money, then this Course is in all likelihood not for you and too expensive at any price. However, if you think about trading in business terms, how much might it cost to purchase a business where you have the opportunity to work out of your home, have low overhead and unlimited earnings potential, then the Course is an investment. In trading, you have to earn your way every single day all over again, and there are zero guarantees whatsoever that you can succeed; but a trading business can be an ideal business. Like all businesses it too requires an initial start-up investment in both capital and your time.

The Course is designed to assist traders who aim to make trading a business and to get there faster -- for such traders the
Course is a nominal investment. For many traders the Course pays for itself in the first year or two either by sharply reducing losses or by increasing trading profits. For serious traders-to-be Trend Dynamics is the best investment you'll ever make in your trading future.