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The following was written by George Peacock, a former registered investment advisor, from North Carolina; George is now an independent full-time S&P 500 index futures trader. Here's what he has to say about the Trend Dynamics Trading Course...

Ten years ago I was a Registered Investment Advisor (money manager) using fundamental analysis for my stock selection. I read "market Wizards" by Jack Schwager in 1990 and saw many examples of futures traders who had become financially successful in the extreme.

Now I had evidence that it was possible to trade in highly leveraged futures markets using various methodologies which could compound money at incredible rates. However, although I knew how to make my clients a decent return in the stock market using traditional fundamental analysis, in my fourteen years as a stockbroker and later as a money manager I had never even seen anyone who knew how to trade futures markets successfully!

At this point I started on a personal quest to see if I could discover the knowledge and techniques that would allow me to become a successful trader. Over the next three and one-half years I spent countless hours and many thousands of dollars on books, trading courses, seminars, and systems.

Unfortunately, only two of these provided anything of value and of these two, one had more risk to the stop point than I could trade in the futures market and the other had good concepts but were to general and vague to provide the methodology and techniques that I was looking for.

Then in January of 1994, I received a letter from Trend Dynamics. It described a trading course that would "cut years off your learning curve", and show one how to analyze and trade price action by understanding supply and demand through a knowledge of market principles and the laws of Trend Dynamics.

The wording in this letter addressed concerns that I knew only a very knowledgeable trader would even know existed. It struck an immediate chord with me and I can honestly say that it was the best financial decision that I have ever made! Because without the knowledge and principles provided in this course very few of the many successful trades that I have made since that time would have been possible.

By late 1994, after taking the course for only a few months I was able to identify a trade in the S & P futures market one Monday morning around the Fall low that allowed me to build a new office at my home, become an independent futures trader, and only manage money for a select few of my best clients.

If you want a computerized, "canned" or "back box" system, or a undimensional methodology, Trend Dynamics is not for you. However, if you truly want a framework through which to identify specific trades in a market that have an outstanding risk-reward ratio as well as a good probability of success, and you are willing to work effectively to learn how those areas come about, then I can tell you without reservation that I know of no course that is in the same league as Trend Dynamics. As one of my grateful clients put it: "You know how to hit big league pitching in the S&P". --G. Peacock, Garner, N.C.

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