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Course Title: Unorthodox Trading Tactics 302
Trading What Is Not Happening: Part II
Line Extension Failure

ISBN 0-9728184-5-6 Spiral bound

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Prerequisites: Completion of Market Structure 101; Trading Strategies 101A and 101B; Trading Strategies 102; Unorthodox Trading tactics 301; signed non-disclosure agreement on file.

Note: In order to understand when a market is not acting as it should (out-of-character), one needs to already have a thorough understanding of how a market is supposed to behave in specific contexts. Therefore, students who have also completed Tactical Entries 201, 202 and 301 will be the best prepared to integrate these Advanced Trading Tactics course modules. We do not require this as a prerequisite, but we highly recommend it.

Suitable for: Investors, swing traders or day traders who trade stocks, futures or currencies.

Course Description: This course module is based on unorthodox trading tactics which looks for out-of-character price action (market anomalies) to indicate directional resolution. 45 pages; 35 charts; 5 tables.

Results Rating: how to interpret these ratings

  • Market Understanding Component = 3
  • Trading Strategy Component = 3
  • You Component = 0
Topics Covered: Shallow 5D reactions; surprise swings; using P/L filters.

Course Outcome: After completing this module you'll be to develop trading strategies based on a failure of price to properly develop 18D line extensions.

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