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Course Title: Market Structure 201
How Major Trend Changes Develop
ISBN 0-9727380-1-0 Spiral bound

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Prerequisites: Completion of Market Structure 101; signed non-disclosure agreement on file

Suitable for: Investors, swing traders or day traders who trade stocks, futures or currencies.

Results Rating: how to interpret these ratings

  • Market Understanding Component = 2
  • Trading Strategy Component = 2
  • You Component = 0

Course Description: Virtually all important trend changes originate as a thrusts (or breakout) into or though pivotal swing tops or bottoms. This course module is an extensive and detailed study of the variations in the process of buying or selling pressure converting pivotal swing tops or bottoms into major trend changes. Spiral bound; 71 pages; 29 charts; 16 illustrations; 2 tables.

Topics include: How to interpret price breakouts in a news context; gapping breakouts; breakouts offset by springs and upthrusts; breakouts and volume; measuring buying and selling pressure in trend change areas; using a line continuation model to measure buying and selling pressure at trend change areas; probabilities for trend changes based on line pressure measurements.

Course Outcome: Expect to gain a complete and thorough education in the local price action that occurs as major trends reverse.

Regular List Price: $85 MS201
SPECIAL OFFER: Save up to 30% off this retail price