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Course Title: Trading Strategies 101B
Using Market Structure to Formulate Profit Objectives
ISBN 0-9727380-4-5 Spiral bound

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Prerequisites: Completion of Market Structure 101 and Trading Strategies 101A; signed non-disclosure agreement on file.

Suitable for: Investors, swing traders or day traders who trade stocks, futures or currencies.

Results Rating: how to interpret these ratings

  • Market Understanding Component = 2
  • Trading Strategy Component = 2
  • You Component = 0

Course Description: This course teaches you basic money management strategies and short- vs. long-term tactics for taking profits. 57 pages; 31 charts; 17 illustrations.

Topics covered:
Money management themes: core equity vs. constant risk; trend vs. non-trend profit-taking; how to use average supply or average demand levels to identify profit objectives; realizing windfall profits.

Course Outcome: Expect to learn three strategies for managing risk; two tactics for taking profits; and to gain an understanding of how to adjust your profit targets.

Regular List Price: $75 TS101B
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