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Tribal-Trading Classes: Learn-By-Example

Tribal Trading 555
Complete access to a mentor-based training program where you learn to trade in LIVE market conditions.

Course Title: Tribal Trading 555
Learn How to Apply Trend Dynamics in LIVE Markets

Prerequisites: A signed non-disclosure agreement on file. Validated completion of the minimum course completion requirements.

Suitable for: Investors, swing traders or day traders who trade stocks, futures or currencies.

Course Description: The Trend Dynamics Course, volumes I-V, is largely a course of instruction in higher timeframe analysis of trends and market structure.

Although the Course does provide practical entry tactics, the thrust of the course is to train you to become an expert in identifying when a higher timeframe reward component is present in a given market.

The entry tactics defined in the Course (the risk component) are practical and usable, but are refined to a much greater degree in Tribal Trading 555.

In Tribal Trading 555, you will learn how to use a concept called "minus development" in the intermediate and lower timeframes in order to isolate the low risk, high probability entires that also have a higher timeframe reward component. (Access to a market profile database is not necessary as we use expressions of minus development based on bar and pattern analysis).

You will receive several booklets of case studies and access to our mentor-based training program for teaching students to effectively implement the full complement of Trend Dynamics tools.

This unique training program provides you with an opportunity to interact with a trading mentor as well as with other students learning how to use the material via access to an email driven Trend Dynamic forum and password access to archived detailed case studies.

Results Rating: how to interpret these ratings

Market Understanding Component = 5

Trading Strategy Component = 5

You Component = 5

Topics Covered: All aspects of the entire course material as they are integrated and executed by professional traders in live markets.

New Topics Covered: Tribal Trading 555 contains further refinements and new material not covered in the Course proper. TT555 catapaults your trading to an entirely new pleatau of performance.

You will learn how to detect and to trade asymmetrical risk-reward situations by using "minus development" in the intermediate and lower timeframes coupled with large potential rewards in the higher timeframes.

Course Outcome: After completing this module, you'll begin to internalize the process and fully integrate all three components of the trading results formula.

COST: A $3695 one-time enrollment fee, plus $95.00 for monthly password access:

  • To enroll via credit card using secure access

  • If you prefer to enroll via PAYPAL go HERE