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We're delighted that money managers and professional traders from all over the world consider the Trend Dynamics stock trading and futures trading course to be the premier trading course available. But, we still want YOU to know exactly why...

Reason #1: You learn trading strategies based on market principles.

Every Trend Dynamics trading course is based on specific trading principles that have always governed the price movement of all stocks, futures and commodities, so the tactics and strategies are extremely stable. This means they work all the time, in all types of markets, and in all timeframes. The 14 Trading Principles

Reason #2: The Course is organized around the Steidlymayer trading profits formula (not Market Profile); you develop your ability to read markets one layer at a time.

The Course material is organized according to three essential components that all trader's must develop and integrate to attain profitable trading results. These components include developing your market understanding, developing your trading strategy and developing a trader's mentality. The formula looks like this:

Your market understanding x ( You + Your trading strategy )
= Your trading results

We not only organize the course material around this proven formula, but we have also organized each trading course in such a way that we build layers of market knowledge and then with each subsequent course installment take you to to another level. Note: The Course is NOT based on market profile data.

Reason #4: Developed BY professional traders, FOR professional traders.

When you first read excerpts or sample text from the Course, you'll recognize the concepts being presented and the critical issues that are explained are of a much higher caliber than you'll find anywhere else.

This is because the Course was written by traders who have been trading stocks and futures full-time since the 70's; and just as important, while the course was being developed we also incorporated critique and feedback from several professional traders who took the course to make the course more effective.

In fact, we've invested a total of nine years just compiling, developing and writing the course material. The entire course catalog combined adds up to some 900 pages of detailed explanation of every facet of trading imaginable clearly illustrated by 750 annotated charts and over 200 illustrations.

We don't waste your time teaching you one-dimensional trading patterns or mechanical trading systems -- we teach you how to read the market, just like the Wall St. pros do.

Reason #4: We keep working with you until you master the Course material.

We provide supplemental and follow-up educational experiences in the form of member forums and trade archives so you can see how to use (and how others use) the material to trade live markets. More on Tribal Trading

Reason #5: The Course material was developed on the most extensive historical database available.

The principles you'll learn in the course were extracted from a massive effort that spanned over two decades of research based on extensive historical data covering every type of trading environment imaginable. This means the strategies and tactics have been working for several decades and will not stop working when markets change character.

Here's a sampling of the databases from which Trend Dynamics principles were extracted:

  • S&P 500 stock index data dating back to 1949;
  • Dow Jones Industrial Stock data dating back to 1909;
  • CME foreign currency utures data dating back to 1973;
  • CBOT agricultural futures data dating back to 1919;
  • COMEX metal futures data from 1976;
  • Cash commodity data dating back to the 1860's;
  • S&P 500 CME intraday tick data from April, 1982 forward.

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